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Excellence Driven Drilling Solutions 


EDDS is committed to creating results driven, safe and economical solutions within the oil and gas industry.

EDDS presents clients with a highly professional, uniquely skilled and experienced team who are capable of solving complex problems.


With 40 years international experience, and world beating results without sacrificing safety EDDS are positioned to provide unparalleled support to your organisation. 

Excellence Driven Drilling Solutions 


Our Vision  


EDDS holds over 40 years of experience deep water drilling.


We are committed to: 

Empowering the future leaders within your organisation

Training and team building for unparalleled results on your projects

Creating economical solutions for your operational success without compromising safety



An illustration of EDDS values, and capabilities through innovation, leadership, and excellence. 


Discover the driving force behind EDDS, and our approach.

Work with us to discover solutions, up level your operations and enhance your team cohesion and leadership. 

International Operations

Global Projects spanning 37 locations

  • 40 Years Experience

  • Contract negotiation

  • Project delivery

  • Leadership training

  • Safety Training

  • Operational Excellence

Explore the interactive map clicking each pin for project information.

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