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EDDS are committed to providing value, and solutions which are results focused and rooted in excellence. 

Our service is tailored and based on 40 years of wide ranging experience in complex and challenging deep water locations. 

To explore how EDDS can support you in your operational aims, troubleshoot issues, or enhance your productivity, please organise an enquiry call by emailing us directly at, or complete an enquiry form here. 


EDDS  Project Management Solutions :


At EDDS we believe that project value is delivered by creating excellent communication between engineering and commercial functions.  


Over 40 years our team have gained considerable experience on Engineering Processes combined with Project Economics with a proven international track record in managing projects in remote locations. 


EDDS is a member of the UK Register Expert Witnesses. 


Our project management consists of:


  • Preparation of key project documentation such as, Terms of Reference, Scope of Work, Basis of Design, Statement of Requirements, Decision Support Package, Project Execution Plan.


  • Preparation of Technical Work Scopes.


  • Utilising a stage gate process.


  • Peer Reviews and Operational Excellence review.


  • Embed Experienced staff to work with the clients staff.


  • Mentor and create bespoke training for clients team. 

EDDS Delivery Solutions:


Delivering results in a low economic environment is critical to companies no matter the size.  Our results focus on operational excellence which begins at the planning stage through to execution.


Our deliveries includes:


  • Well Engineering, planning and design.

  • Well Operations Management.

  • Managing efficiency on a dual activity Deepwater rig.

  • Ultra Deepwater Drilling.

  • MPD operations.

  • HP/HT.

  • Drilling performance optimisation.

  • Feasibility and concept select design studies.

  • Peer reviews, audits and risk assessments.

  • Well site Supervision.

  • Operational Excellence Bespoke training.


Note : In this economically challenging environment EDDS provides tailored online training to enhance Operational Excellence.   

EDDS Drilling Solutions:

With a proven track record in Deepwater Operations in Africa, Brazil, GoM, Mexico where Operational Excellence combined with top performing HSSE has produced Top Quartile Performance in Safety and Efficiency EDDS can provide highly qualified and competent individuals in the following disciplines:


  • Ultra Deepwater Drilling Supervision.

  • Shipbuilding on behalf of the Operator.

  • HSSE Leadership.

  • HP/HT.

  • MPD.

  • Behavioural and Leadership Safety Training.

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