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West Africa

Greater Plutonio Project

Rig: Sedco Express

Team: 43 nationalities 

As drilling superintendent of the Greater Plutonio project, EDDS CEO shaped the project in a way that illustrates EDDS commitment to excellence, innovation and safety standards. 

The world record beating successes attained during this project were showcased by Charlie Gilbertson in his keynote presentation at the Lisbon IADC West Africa. 

You can find out more about CEO Charlie Gilbertson, including his expertise and approach here

Key Excellence Points

Speed and efficiency


Leadership and Team Work

First well 6 days to spud, then through rigorous operational analysis this was reduced to 36 hours. 

Drilling and completion in 35 days.

Enhanced systems analysis resulting in seamless productivity, success and the development of industry leading new practices. 

Leadership strategies designed to foster a cohesive team consisting of 43 nationalities. 

Implementation of project leadership development and training of younger staff.

Cross partnership alliance. 

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EDDS is committed to creating results driven, safe and economical solutions within the oil and gas industry.

EDDS presents clients with a highly professional, uniquely skilled and experienced team who are capable of solving complex problems. 


With 40 years international experience, and world beating results without sacrificing safety EDDS are uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled support to your organisation. 

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